Applying for any job can seem like a daunting and difficult challenge.  The apparent factors are a well planned and written CV together with good interview success. 

To help you to land your dream job, whatever the sector, we have put together some tips which can help boost your chances of success. 

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd during an interview process and while achievements are important, your personality and individual traits that make you unique will also help you to shine through. 

Here are some simple tips to help boost your chances of success and will help you stand out.

o Know your stuff – do your research on the company and team you are meeting

o Look the part – dress smart and to impress, looking good will help you feel good

o Let them see what you can do – know the value you can bring to the table

o Make sure to listen – it’s important to listen to hear exactly what’s been asked

o Show your best side and be confident in yourself

o It’s natural to feel nervous – you’ve prepared so believe in yourself –  listen to some upbeat music to help you to relax

o Be positive throughout – stay clear of any negative comments on past employers

o Prepare some creative questions

o Choose your best references  - you worked hard and were committed to a company so let past managers help build your profile

o Believe it or not but a handshake can be a factor – perfect it as a firm handshake is a good start

o Remember the courage it took to get this far, you got shortlisted so take a moment to be proud! 

o A nice little tip is to send a thank you note afterwards


Most importantly, be yourself, and remember to smile! They chose you so be confident and believe in yourself and you will shine!