On May 21st at St Marys Church, Dawson Street Portobello Institute held their summer 2011 Graduation Ceremony.  The church is the ideal venue with its beautiful interior and furnishings.  On the day the college were extremely proud of its graduates which were a mix of Montessori, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Make-up and Beauty students who were all there to proudly receive their hard earned Diplomas.  The ceremony began with an opening speech from the college director Rebakah Lyons who congratulated the students on their achievements to date and wished them the very best in their chosen career paths. Once the students had all received their Diplomas the ceremony continued with additional awards for Student of the Year from each sector.

Anigeska Ostrega was awarded Student of the Year from the Beauty Department.  Her course director said "The selection for this award was very easy for the tutor involved.  The feedback was that Anigeska showed a natural flair and ability when it came to learning her craft.  Not only was she outstanding academically where she received 100% in one of her ITEC exams, but she also went out of her way to help other students to develop their skills".

Fiona O'Rourke was awarded Student of the year from the Fashion Department.  The tutor feedback from this student was excellent.  She was always incredibly enthusiastic in class and had a fantastic flair for design.  She received distinctions for many of her design and visual projects which were both conceptual, striking and engaging"

Deirdre McKeowan was awarded Student of the year from the Montessori Department.  The feedback from her tutor was extremely positive.  She was a very diligent and hardworking student.  She was extremely caring towards her fellow students and helping her classmates which was never too much trouble - regardless of her own work load".

Portobello Institute are always very pleased with the calibre of graduates each year and we wish each and everyone of them the best of luck with their future careers.