As part of their current programme this week our Facilities Management students were fortunate to get a guided tour around Croke Park by Ed Brennan, Facilities Manager and past BIFM student of Portobello Institute.

The group began the tour of the grounds with a short presentation in a corporate box delivered by Ed detailing the savings Croke Park has made in its water, energy and waste costs through its implementation of ISO 20121 programme.  Ed also spoke of the new community engagement programme as part of the ISO prgramme.  He provided examples of real energy saving initiatives such as fitting water valves to urinals, replacing standard bulbs with LED bulbs, time scheduling to make savings in under pitch heating, fitting central controls to lighting, the use of generators, managing waste and lastly the proposed plan to provide bin monitors on big event days.

Following the presentation Ed brought the group of students on a tour of the Croke Park facilities, its changing rooms, the pitch, the waste management, all the time time adding information on the Croke Park experience.  The students found the presentation and tour very informative and were able to see first hand the facilities and programmes implemented at such a large organisation, which relates to module 8 of their programme in Sustainability and Environmental Management and the impact of Facilities Management.

Thank you to Ed Brennan for taking the time to speak with our students.