The qualification landscape has continued to shift over the last number of years where academic routes taken by young people progressing onto third level education has been more diverse.

While the CAO can sometimes take centre stage at third level discussions it is important to be open-minded when researching college options and to consider all available avenues. A key message is that while the CAO application deadline has officially closed for another year there are alternative routes to consider for achieving your goal.

There are a number of long-established private third-level colleges, with strong track records, offering relevant courses through direct application that ultimately lead to qualifications at all levels. Portobello Institute is one which is city-centre based, offering smaller classes in an enhanced learning environment. We offer sought after courses across a number of key disciplines and have an extensive dedicated and experienced team of academic advisors, programme managers and tutors in place.

Students consider Portobello Institute to be a positive stepping stone towards higher education choices across a number of disciplines. Our courses provide an excellent foundation for students wishing to progress to further study or can be the perfect platform of study for those wishing to go straight into related employment in a particular field.

Pre-university courses for example can be an ideal taster for what’s to come, making desired qualifications possible. They provide an excellentl platform for students to underpin vital foundations in a subject matter before committing to further study. These courses also help individuals to grow as a person and indeed a thinker, and prepare learners for further academia and a longer term college social environment.

Specific to the pre-university courses at Portobello Institute, we offer courses across pre-nursing, business and legal studies. Historically, our graduates have accepted places on their desired third-level programme, for which, a year earlier wasn’t an option. 

We fully understand the importance of making the right decision and to help support students Portobello Institute have a schedule of open evenings in place over the coming months. We also offer an open door policy and are more than happy to organise an individual meeting to advise on all available options.

Come and see us this Thursday, 8th February from 5-7pm where our academic advisors will be readily available to talk you through your best options.