Some excellent announcements today where 80 schools across the country have been chosen to start the roll-out of physical education as a Leaving Cert subject. This would essentially mean students will start the PE curriculum in September, before sitting the exam in 2020.The subject will be assessed in three fair methods - a physical activity project accounting for 20%, a performance assessment worth 30%, and a written exam worth 50%.

DCU Professor of Health and Human Performance, Niall Moyna, says the change needs to begin with teachers. He told Newstalk Breakfast: "I would like to see that all future PE teachers would take a degree in sports science and health, and then like every other teacher in the country do a h-dip - that's the kind of knowledge base that we're going to need to be able to teach this new modern curriculum." 

Portobello Institute is a private third level city-centre based Institute, offering smaller classes in an enhanced learning environment.  We offer sports science as integrated 3 year degree programmes with a mix of lectures, tutorials, practical classes and laboratory based sessions. We also have extensive dedicated and experienced team of academic advisors, programme managers and tutors in place to support every student throughout their educational journey to degree level.

Students consider Portobello Institute for their degree in Sports Science & Physical Education which prepares students for careers in multiple settings within the sports sector. Sports Science graduates can become coaches, psychologists, personal trainers, or progress their study to become P.E teachers. A keen course focus is on all core scientific subjects and how these are applied in a sporting context. Multiple transferrable skills are gained including communication, creativity; dedication & self discipline.

Sports science is an exciting subject, which gives the opportunity to pave the way to a variety of careers. We fully understand the importance of making the right decision and to help support students Portobello Institute have a schedule of open days in place over the coming months to include a number of Thursday evenings and a Saturday open day on 28th April for full-time students.

We also offer an open door policy and are more than happy to organise an individual meeting to talk you through on all available options. Our sports academic advisor Shane Ferris is readily available to go through all options with you. Contact him today on 01 8920011 or email